Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs
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                       Is Your Dryer Vent LintFree?
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Using a brush inside a dirty dryer vent.
Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing lint, and other obstructions (nests, hives ) and other
unwanted elements that can clog or prohibit your dryer to work efficiently  up the vent out of your dryer
vent that leads from the dryer to the exterior of the building.
What is dryer vent cleaning?
How do you know your dryer vent needs cleaning?
There are several indications that can help you decide that your dryer vent needs cleaning:
  1. Your dryer is hot to the touch during a cycle.
  2. Go to the exterior vent while the dryer is running and see if there is a any airflow coming out.  Little
    to no air flow would indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning.
  3. It takes longer than 40 minutes to dry a normal load of clothes
Why should I have my dryer vent cleaned.?
There are several reasons why?
  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that in 2000, there were 12,700 clothes dryer fires
    resulting in $99,400,000  in damages, 330 injuries, and 20 lives lost.
  2. Save on your utility bill.
  3. Replace your clothes dryer less often.
  4. Create more time to spend on activities other that tending the laundry.
How often should I have the vent cleaned?
Depends on the dryers usage.  A home with a lot of people will use it a lot more than a home with 1 or 2
people.  We recommend 1 year for heavy dryer usage and 1.5 - 2 years with very light usage.  Use the
indicators above to help you decide if your dryer needs cleaning.  
My dryer vents into my attic, crawl space or garage.  
Is that OK?
of the structure.  Vent termination in an attic or garage is not acceptable and should be corrected as soon
as possible.
LintFree is Certified through CSIA
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