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                               Is Your Dryer Vent LintFree?
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LintFree Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC
LintFree Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC
4852 S Lisbon Way
Aurora, Colorado 80015
(720) 951-1834
Dryer Vent Cleaning for
Assisted Living Centers
LintFree Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC. realizes that Assisted Living Communities may have special needs
associated with the cleaning of the dryer vent. To reduce the inconvenience to your residence, I would have
no problem working with your establishment to find out when would be the most effective and the best time of
day for the cleaning. Contact me today to see how LintFree can reduce your fire hazard, to keep your
customers safe, and save you money on your utility bill.

Symptoms to Look Out For
•        Have you noticed your clothes taking longer to dry than they used to?
•        When your clothes do finally dry, do they feel extremely warm or even hot?
•        When you are drying clothes does your laundry room get warm?
•        Have you noticed lint starting to settle in your laundry room?

All of these are classic signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the dryer vent allows your
dryer to efficiently get rid of the warm moist air that your clothes produce when they dry. A dryer vent clogged
with lint does not let this warm, moist air escape through the vent. This is what causes the dryer to be the #1
household appliance to catch fire. Reduce your risk of fire and have your dryer vent cleaned regularly.
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